What does Facebook offer to live streamers?

As a live-streaming service, Facebook Live offers most of the same features and benefits as a social network. It’s easy to build a follower base and put your live content in front of a big audience. Facebook’s staying power means there will always be viewers for you to tap into on this platform.

What are some of the benefits when you live stream video on Facebook Live?

  • A great reach – hands down, the biggest potential audience of all the networks and platforms.
  • User notifications – a system that lets your followers know you’re streaming, increasing your viewership numbers, and reach.
  • Great demographic spread – Everyone from the elderly to their grandkids is using Facebook.
  • Built-in analytics – Facebook is infamous for its data-gathering capabilities, and you can use them to your advantage along with the live stream data.
  • The Facebook advertising platform – Among the best digital advertising platforms in the business, Facebook makes it easy to expand the reach of your stream.
  • Ease of use – It’s incredibly easy to start streaming on Facebook Live, and there are plenty of easy ways to be good at it, too.
  • Mobile-friendliness – Facebook Live is the perfect streaming service for streaming on the go from a mobile device.

Facebook understands the importance of video content, especially live video. That, plus the network’s popularity and advertising tools, makes it a great candidate for most kinds of live streaming content.

🎮 Facebook Live for Gamers

Facebook’s live streaming service was very late to the gaming video niche. Facebook released the gaming video hub fb.gg in 2018, and it added “gaming” to its main navigation a year later.

Facebook Live’s gaming hub is going strong, however, and Facebook Gaming has something in store for everyone. It’s the perfect place for players, developers, and marketers to create and explore content and business opportunities.

🤑 Facebook Live for Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Entrepreneurs, startups, shops, and other business entities can easily go from using Facebook for their regular business activities to using it to broadcast live video. Some of the top-performing business content on Facebook Live is:

  • Behind-the-scenes videos, where you show how the proverbial sausage gets made
  • Product demonstrations, where you show how your products or services work and explain why people should use them
  • Events­, such as product launch parties

To top any of these content formats off, you can always add special discounts or deals that will only be available for the duration of the stream.

📰 Facebook Live for Publishers and Media

Publishers and media outlets should have no trouble finding ways to generate live streaming content for Facebook Live. The types of content that would work particularly well for media and publishers on Facebook Live are:

  • Live reports from events, the foundation of decent journalism
  • Interviews with famous or interesting people, or just people who are in the news
  • Live news shows, because they’re the perfect place to pack together all that content
  • Viral content, because publishers have to be able to produce a viral piece once in a while

Facebook Live makes it easy for publishers to create and spread content to their target audiences.

💥 Facebook Live for Content Creators

Content creators of all kinds can use Facebook Live as their go-to live streaming platform without a problem. If you create on-demand video content, you can use Facebook Live for the occasional live stream too. Some of the things you might include in your live streaming content strategy are:

  • AMAs and other types of content where you answer audience questions
  • Live event streaming, especially from events related to your niche or industry
  • Vlogs, to keep people updated on the goings-on in your life

These traditional forms can keep you close to your audience, but the more you play with the live video format, the more you’ll be likely to come up with a truly great and memorable piece of live video content.