What does Instagram offer to live streamers?

  • User notificationsYour followers get a notification when you go live on Instagram.
  • A niche audienceInstagram is full of hobbyists, creatives, and users interested in highly specific topics, making your niche audience easier to find.
  • Searchability with hashtagsHashtags are used on other platforms too, but they’re not as powerful as they are on Instagram, where they allow little-known brands to get found more easily.
  • Live streams savedAfter your live stream ends, Instagram saves it to your profile via IGTV, where followers can watch the replay.
  • Beginner-friendlyConnecting your Instagram to Yellow Duck only takes a few minutes, and it’s completely free.
  • More professional live streams Streaming from mobile limits your customization options, but going live on desktop via Yellow Duck and an encoder gives you full control over your stream.

Instagram was designed as a photo- and video-sharing platform, so it’s a natural place for live streamers. With Yellow Duck, you can up your live streaming game and stand out on Instagram Live, no matter which industry you’re in.

🎮 Instagram Live for Gamers

Although users with a wide variety of interests can find content they like on Instagram, it’s not well-known as a gaming platform for live streamers. If you’re a gamer who wants to broadcast gameplay, you would probably be better off streaming to another major platform like Twitch or YouTube alongside Instagram. Gamers can still post other types of gaming-related content to Instagram Live, though, such as:

  • Vlogs, where you give followers updates on your day-to-day activities
  • Contests, where you can give away prizes and ask people to participate
  • Industry events, where you can report on big happenings in the gaming world

When you use Yellow Duck, creating live vlogs, contests, and giveaways is much easier to manage because you’re on your desktop.

🤑 Instagram Live for Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Instagram has become a haven for entrepreneurs, influencers, businesses, and all types of brands. Establishing an Instagram presence is one of the most effective steps a new business can take, as it lets you build a loyal community of followers and utilize Instagram’s monetization and ad options.

Live video lets you talk directly to your followers on Instagram, and some of the best types of content include:

  • Behind-the-scenes videos, where you give a tour of your business or inside look at your products and services.
  • Product launches to let you showcase a new product and do live demonstrations for your audience.
  • Q&As and AMAs, where you let your audience ask as many questions as they want about your brand.

Managing something like an AMA can be difficult from your smartphone, but using Yellow Duck and going live from your desktop lets you get organized.

📰 Instagram Live for Publishers and Media

Instagram isn’t known as the “breaking news” social platform, and users don’t usually head to Instagram when they want the latest updates on news stories. But media outlets and publishers can still establish a solid presence on Instagram by taking advantage of live video.

Content well-suited for publishers and media outlets on Instagram would be:

  • Interviews with people making news or influential people in general
  • Live news segments that allow you to broadcast a full-fledged news show directly to Instagram
  • Live event reports to update your audience on the latest news

Sharing an up-to-the-minute live stream is usually better with a mobile device, but formal news shows and interviews are much easier to do from a desktop setup, using Yellow Duck.

💥 Instagram Live for Content Creators

If you’re a content creator who’s not on Instagram, then you may need to rethink your branding strategy. The platform is the perfect complement to any type of content you create, whether it’s videos, blog posts, or podcasts. When you add live video on Instagram to the mix, you get a prime opportunity to connect with your audience.

The best kind of content to share with your audience on Instagram is:

  • Tutorials, where you show followers your content creation process, tips, and tools
  • Live interviews with other creators to give both of your profiles a viewing boost
  • AMAs so your audience can get to know you better

Get creative and experiment with different content formats. When you live stream from your laptop or PC via Yellow Duck, it’s much easier to customize your stream.