Live streaming sets high standards for marketers, communicators, and entertainers. And just like the internet itself, live streaming keeps evolving, demanding more from individual creators and businesses. Today, you cannot achieve success with content alone — you need to invest in your streaming and analyze your performance stats. Fortunately, there is an incredible tool that can accomplish these tasks.

Restream is a go-to live streaming solution that helps you produce high-quality live content, maximize your audience reach, and overshadow your competitors. With Reastream, you can choose from more than thirty social channels to multistream, including YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, and many more. You can also live stream directly from your browser without any third-party apps, schedule a pre-recorded video to be broadcasted at any time, and add remote guests to your live stream from any location.

Is free?

The short answer is yes. We have tons of amazing free live streaming tools and features. However, we also offer many effective paid features and services to facilitate, improve, and level up your live streams.

Free tools and features

Any Restream user can access all our free options with a Restream account. The free subscription plan includes the following perks:

  • Multistreaming to multiple social channels, such as YouTube, a Facebook personal page, Twitter, etc.
  • Live streaming directly from your browser with Restream Studio
  • Inviting guests to your live streams without any third-party tools
  • No time limits on your live sessions
  • Real-time channel toggling (it allows you to end your stream on one platform but keep it going on another, without any interruption or interference in the quality of your stream)
  • Insightful data from Restream Analytics
  • Access to Restream Chat (a tool that combines your chats across all your streaming platforms)
  • Stream monitoring to detect any possible issues and ensure the best viewer experience
  • Copyright-free background music

Restream paid features

Restream’s paid subscription plans and features allow users to attract more audiences, provide more safety and support, and offer insightful analytical data to better understand viewer behavior and stream performance. Check out our paid features!

🦑 Custom destinations

With Restream, you can choose from more than thirty social channels to multistream. However, broadcasting to some platforms may require a paid subscription plan. For instance, you can stream to your personal profile on Facebook with our free plan, but purchasing a paid one will allow you to stream to Facebook groups and public pages. A “custom destination” is any streaming platform not included in the free plan. Each paid subscription plan grants a different number of custom destinations.

🤩 No Restream branding

Our paid subscription plans allow you to turn off the Restream watermark on your stream. You’ll also be able to add your own logos and watermarks, as well as custom background images and overlays. You can upload all your custom visual effects in Restream Studio and start streaming in just two clicks.

🔴 Stream recording

Wouldn’t it be great if you could save a recording of your live stream to use later? Restream lets you record and download your live streams to repurpose them. Download your video or audio files and transform them into amazing podcasts and other social media content!

🔊 Split-track recording

We’ve made our stream recording feature even more useful for content repurposing by adding a split-track recording feature. It allows you to separate audio tracks for each stream participant, making podcast production much easier.

🖥 Stream in Full HD

With one of our paid plans, you can offer your viewers exceptional streaming quality by using Full HD. Restream Studio supports Full HD streaming, but you do need a camera that records in HD as well. Streaming in HD or 1080p makes your stream look more professional and stand out from your competitors.

🚀 Video storage

Restream allows you to upload and store pre-recorded videos when you subscribe to our Professional plan and above. Why upload videos to Restream? So you can schedule them to go live later! Depending on the plan you choose, you can store between ten and 50 videos.

🎥 Restream Events

Restream allows you to schedule pre-recorded videos to go live on as many platforms as you like. You don’t even have to be near your computer — Restream will automatically broadcast your videos on your selected channels. With Restream Events, you can also share a link to your upcoming live stream on social media to promote it to your followers and subscribers. Restream Events works for pre-recorded videos scheduled to go live and for promoting a stream you haven’t recorded yet.

Restream Events

RTMP Pull is a feature that lets you play one live stream inside another. You can pull your live video feed from Restream and insert it as a source in another streaming software, such as OBS Studio. Think of it as adding another webcam on your stream, but without the extra hardware. Why would you use RTMP Pull links? They’re essential for broadcasts of esports tournaments, for example, by providing real-time translations and commentary.

📈 Analytics

Restream Analytics is available for all users and provides you with useful metrics to better track and analyze your streaming performance. Learn your monthly streamed time, average and maximum viewers, and your peak time. Meet your top chatters and discover the most popular phrases in your chat. You can also export useful analytics from Restream to your computer.

Restream Analytics

🌎 Proxy streaming

Do you want to broadcast to streaming services outside your region? Then you need Restream Proxy. If a certain streaming platform is blocked in your region, or if it's just too far away, Restream Proxy will help you get around these obstacles and reach the destination! This feature is especially useful if you are planning to stream to different distant countries.

💪 Fail-safe stream backup

Thanks to the fail-safe stream backup feature, you can protect your live streams from any interruptions. The Fallback tool switches between your primary and secondary streams in case of any issues. This feature ensures the optimal viewer experience. We do not recommend that your streams last more than 120 hours, however, due to technical limitations.

😎 Premium support

We deeply care about our customers, so we constantly improve our products. But most importantly, we provide 24/7 support for our premium users. Premium support means your tickets are prioritized and you get replies as soon as possible.

Check out our pricing page to discover all our features and compare subscription plans.

Let’s wrap up everything

At Restream, we want our streamers to have everything they need to produce professional, exceptional live content. Our free users have access to all the basic tools and features to reach this goal. The ability to multistream to as many platforms as you want — along with access to Restream Studio, Analytics, Chat, the stream monitoring feature, and many more tools — makes Restream a go-to streaming solution.

In order to help you truly maximize your audience reach and streaming performance, however, we offer many efficient paid features. These features are:

  • Custom destinations
  • Real-time channel management
  • Custom branding and visual elements
  • Stream recording
  • Split-track recording
  • Streaming in Full HD
  • Video storage
  • Restream Events
  • RTMP Pull links
  • Analytics export
  • Live streaming with proxy
  • Fail-safe stream backup
  • Premium support

Let’s discover the possibilities of live streaming together. Join the Restream team, and we will help you achieve your goals! Feel free to contact our Live Chat if you have any questions regarding Restream’s paid features or subscription plans.