The best time to go live on your Facebook profile, page or group depends entirely on your audience. Facebook has so many users worldwide that it’s extremely hard to generalize the best time of day to post live videos. If you search for the “best time to go live on Facebook” you’re going to get a wide variety of answers — which isn’t helpful.

The best way to find the ideal time for streaming Facebook is to run experiments. When you first start out, stream at different times of day and on different days of the week. Pay attention to your audience numbers and take note of when there seems to be more people tuning in.

If you’re just starting out with live streaming, try going live in the early afternoons on a weekday (Monday-Friday). This is usually a good starting point.

Schedule your streams in advance

Figuring out the best streaming schedule can be a lot of work. When you start out, you have to find different times to stream to see what works best and it can be difficult to keep up. Once you know what times your audience is most likely to watch, then you have to stick to that schedule.

But what if you could pre-record your stream and schedule it in advance?

If you’re on vacation or have an appointment and you can’t go live at the time you want, you can use Restream’s Upload and Stream to schedule a stream in advance. Restream is a live streaming software that lets you go live straight from your web browser, on multiple platforms at the same time.

You simply choose a video, set up an event in Restream, choose your streaming destinations and then wait for your video to go live. You can get more details on how to upload a pre-recorded video in our help center.