Restream Events: Everything you need to know

Easily schedule your live streams and make sure your viewers are notified of your upcoming live events. Increase audience reach and make your live streams unforgettable.
Restream Events: Everything you need to know

Nowadays, individuals and businesses have an incredible amount of tools, which can be quite difficult to manage. Imagine how great it would be to have every important feature in one place! Restream turns this idea into a reality. Restream is a go-to live streaming solution that offers a vast majority of helpful features to meet all your production needs.

One such feature allows you to schedule live streams and notify your audiences across multiple platforms. Today, we are talking specifically about this great tool. Let’s learn what Restream Events is and how you can benefit from it!

What is Restream Events?

Restream Events is a simple yet super useful tool that allows you to schedule both pre-recorded videos and live streams on your favorite platforms like Facebook and YouTube and share them with your audience. With this tool, you can set your thumbnail for the scheduled event and customize its title and description.

If you are interested in broadcasting your pre-recorded video content, please check out our guide dedicated to live streaming pre-recorded videos with Restream Events.

Restream Events supports live streaming virtually any event on multiple platforms simultaneously, which can help you significantly boost your audience reach. For now, you can use this feature for your live streams on the following platforms: Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and LinkedIn Live. Make sure to keep an eye on our Twitter or blog posts to catch the latest updates.

How does Restream Events work?

Now that you know what Restream Events is, let’s quickly go through simple instructions on how to use it. We’ve done our best to make it as easy to use as possible so you can intuitively grasp every feature Restream Events has to offer.

Using Restream Events to schedule your live streams:

  1. Sign up or log in to your Restream account and add platforms to stream to.
  2. Click the Events button in your Restream dashboard. There you can schedule your live streams.
  3. You can choose to schedule an event for later or start it straight away. Also, there you can add an engaging title, description, and your custom thumbnail.
  4. Choose the streaming platforms you would like to broadcast to.
  5. Scheduling a live event is that simple! You can now get a shareable link to your live stream and notify your audience.

Check out our support guide for more detailed instructions on how to schedule a live event.

How you can benefit from using Restream Events

Restream Events is designed to help anyone who wants to share their live content with people all around the world. The list is virtually endless — marketers, businesses, gamers, artists, public speakers, talk show hosts, churches, and many more creators. Here’s exactly how you can benefit from Restream Events.

Keep in touch with your audience

With Restream Events, you can always stay connected with your audiences across multiple platforms. As it helps you notify your viewers about upcoming live events, you can make sure your live streams won’t be missed.

Build a consistent schedule

Determining when to stream requires you to have a clear understanding of your audiences’ preferences. With Restream Events, you can come up with a consistent schedule much quicker — simply share the news about your upcoming live streams and see what your audiences have to say about the timing.

Promote live streams easier

Restream Events helps you notify your audiences of upcoming live events in a matter of a few clicks. It also allows you to change thumbnails, titles, and descriptions so you can implement your marketing strategies right on the spot.

Versatile live streaming options

After you schedule your live stream, you can broadcast either directly via Restream Studio or use additional software, like OBS Studio, Zoom, vMix, or Xsplit via the Custom RTMP option. Moreover, with the RTMP Source feature, you can even connect your Restream Studio to the streaming software and make the most of both worlds.

Create flawless video content

With Restream Events, you can also schedule your pre-recorded videos and live stream them on multiple platforms. In other words, you can create a virtually perfect video and live stream it later for your audiences. This way, you can avoid all the annoying flaws that often happen during live sessions. You can learn more in our guide on how to schedule your pre-recorded videos with Restream Events.

Wrapping up

One of the quickest ways to increase your audience reach is to make sure as many people as possible are aware of your live stream beforehand. That’s where Restream Events comes in handy. With this tool, you can easily schedule your live streams and notify your viewers of upcoming live events. Restream Events helps you on lots of levels. Let’s quickly recap how you can benefit from using it:

  • Keep in touch with your audiences
  • Build a consistent streaming schedule
  • Promote live streams easier
  • Versatile live streaming options
  • Create flawless video content

Restream Events is a simple yet powerful tool that can boost your audience reach and help you grow as a streamer. Make your upcoming live streams impossible to forget with Restream Events!

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