Go live from your webcam - Restream Go Live

Today we’re making it easier than ever to go live and interact with your community from your browser’s window.

TL;DR Every Restream user can easily go live directly from a browser. Open Restream dashboard, find “go live from your webcam” field, and start streaming.

For starters, we’d like to explain how we came up with the idea.

If you’ve ever tried running your own live broadcast from your desktop then you are familiar with the daunting task of setting up an encoder for the first time. Many new live streamers not familiar with broadcast software found themselves confused by the complex setup process, not including trying to find the best casting software for them. This complexity led to users abandoning the idea of multistreaming and returning back to their single platform experience.

But not anymore, because we want to make multistreaming convenient for everyone!

At Restream, our goal is to make multistreaming available for all content creators, from hardcore gamers to business owners. While the former requires advanced software, the latter seeks a simpler solution. That’s where Restream Go Live stands out.

Every Restream user can easily go live directly from a browser

Just head over to restream.io/channel and click on “Start” within the “Go live from your webcam” block. No additional streaming software or extra set up is needed.

Before going live, ensure to add all the channels you want your stream to appear on.

So whether you want to celebrate a milestone with fans or share your knowledge with others, Restream Go Live will make it easier to share and interact with your community. You can also use it for fan updates, Q&As, product reviews, professional webinars, tutorials, and more.

This feature is web-based and works with all latest browser versions, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

With Restream Go Live, starting a multistreaming broadcast is as easy as streaming to a single platform. Maybe even easier :)

Go try it now today!