Adding graphics, overlays and backgrounds to your YouTube live video lets you customize it and make it your own. You can show off your logo and branding style and make it easier for people to recognize your streams and your channel. You can use captions to introduce yourself or guests, display comments from the chat on-screen, or change your background for each segment of your show.

The easiest way to add graphics to your YouTube broadcast is by going live with Restream Studio. You can start streaming on YouTube straight from your browser and add tons of customizations.

  1. Create a free Restream account or log in if you already have one.
  2. Add your YouTube channel to Restream. You can also add other destinations like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and multistream to these platforms simultaneously.
  3. Enter the live streaming studio by clicking the Start with Studio button.
  4. Upload and select your graphics to start customizing your YouTube live stream.
  5. When you’re ready, go live with your custom YouTube overlays and backgrounds!

With Restream Studio, you have several options for customizing your stream:

  • Overlays: Graphics that sit on top of your video feed, such as viewer comments or captions.
  • Virtual backgrounds: Replace what’s behind you on camera.
  • Graphics: Any visual element you add to your live stream other than your video source. Graphics come in all shapes and sizes and help you personalize your stream.
  • Logos: A small graphic associated with your brand, which you can display in one of the corners over your live video feed.
  • Lower thirds: Captions or graphics that take up the lower portion of the screen, such as captions or titles.
  • Video titles and descriptions: Each YouTube live stream you do can have a unique title and description.
  • Background music: Ambient music that plays in the background of your stream while you’re speaking, playing or demonstrating something.
  • Split screen: Two screens displayed at once, such as you and your guest or you and a screen share.
  • Screen sharing: Display whatever’s on your monitor on your live stream.


How do I add graphics to a YouTube live stream?

You can easily add graphics to a YouTube live stream by using a streaming service like Restream Studio. The browser-based live streaming studio from Restream lets you upload your own graphics, logos and backgrounds and use them in your YouTube live stream.

How do I play background music on a YouTube live stream?

To add background music to your YouTube live stream, you can use a streaming service like Restream Studio. Choose a genre and play background music on a loop during your stream. You don’t have to worry about the track ending; it will keep playing for as long as your stream is live.

Can I add overlays to YouTube Live videos?

Yes. To add overlays to a YouTube Live video, you will need to go live with a streaming software. With Restream Studio, you can add a chat overlay, choose from one of our premade overlays, or upload your own custom overlays to display on your stream.