Live streaming to Mixcloud for audio creators

Discover Mixcloud Live, the platform tailor-made for audio live streamers. Transform your music and podcasts into live broadcasts that captivate and inspire your audience.
Live streaming to Mixcloud for audio creators

Mixcloud opens new possibilities in the world of music and audio. This new streaming solution allows passionate creators like you to create live radio shows, DJ mixes, podcasts, etc. and generate income directly from your listeners. Mixcloud has lots of advantages, which can surely ignite and inspire any audio creator. We at Restream will gladly help you start or expand your career on this new live streaming frontier.

Mixcloud’s pros and cons

One of Mixcloud’s most significant advantages is that the platform has licensing agreements with huge names like Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Merlin Network, etc., meaning it will inevitably attract new audiences, grow, and prosper. This is especially true due to the hundreds if not thousands of copyright issues on platforms like Facebook and Instagram each day. With Mixcloud, you can forget about those problems.

Also, Mixcloud allows creators to earn money in the easiest straightforward fashion. The Mixcloud Select initiative lets your fans subscribe to your channel for a small monthly fee. Such subscriptions cost from $2.99 and include offline listening, no ads, and other cool features for your fans.

Mixcloud used to have just one big downside — your live streams couldn’t get archived. This means your stream would have disappeared after the show had ended. However, thanks to Mixcloud’s amazing licensing work, you can now save an audio archive of your stream. Your fans can listen to your live streams even if they missed them!

However, one small minus is that due to the fact that Mixcloud is a relatively new platform, its audience is relatively small. Well, it is definitely smaller than the audience on Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram.

What do I need to live stream on MixCloud?

Live streaming on MixCloud is easy and fun. You don’t really need any technical skills to be able to set up your live streams. Below, you can learn the prerequisites for broadcasting your live content on MixCloud:

  • a subscription to Mixcloud Pro
  • a computer (doesn’t matter if it’s Windows or Mac)
  • a stable and fast internet connection
  • a streaming software, like OBS Studio or Restream Studio
  • a webcam and microphone

Firstly, you need to subscribe to Mixcloud to be able to stream. The subscription costs $15 a month. However, the service has a three-month free trial for you to try out everything it has to offer. Three months is more than enough time to grow your fan base and start getting some real money, don’t you think?

When it comes to the device from which to live stream, a standard PC or Mac will do. There are no extra spicy requirements for your machine to be able to send your video to the platform. However, a stable internet connection is vital. No one wants to hear those breaks and interruptions. Music is intended to flow like a beautiful river.

As for the streaming software, you have some more options here. On the one hand, you have good old OBS Studio. This tool allows you to capture your screen or a specific app, like your DAW. Also, it gives you more control over your stream’s quality. On the other hand, you can use Restream Studio and have even more amazing possibilities.

Restream Studio is a simple yet powerful streaming solution, which allows you to broadcast your content on multiple platforms simultaneously directly from your browser. For instance, with Restream Studio, you can live stream your DJ sets or podcasts on Mixcloud, YouTube Live, Facebook Like, and Twitch all at once! Multistreaming can help you grow your audience so much faster.

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Moreover, the user-friendly interface allows you to go live in a matter of a few clicks. Restream Studio also offers several cool features, like the ability to invite guests or monitor chats from all platforms on one screen. You can learn more about Restream Studio here.

Lastly, all you need is a good webcam and microphone. If you are a musician, you are probably the proud owner of a decent microphone already. Otherwise, check out our Top microphones for streaming article. We also have a compilation of the best webcams here. Although both a webcam and a microphone are, of course, optional, they can greatly improve your stream, attract more viewers, and help you earn more!

How to connect Mixcloud and stream via Restream Studio

After logging into your Mixcloud account, go to and create a new live stream. Name your stream and click confirm. Keep in mind, you won’t be able to change the name afterward. Copy your Stream Key to your Restream dashboard and add Mixcloud to the list of your streaming channels. Don’t know how? It’s super easy!

Restream and Mixcloud have officially partnered making it effortless to connect and multistream in a matter of seconds!

  1. Firstly, you need to create or log into your Restream account.
  2. Then click destinations at the top left corner and select + Add Channel.
  3. The next step is to find Mixcloud among other streaming platforms and select it.
  4. Simply paste your Mixcloud Stream Key into the Stream Key field and press Add Channel.
  5. For more info or help, you can always write to us via Live Chat.

After you’ve completed all the actions above, you are all set to live stream to Mixcloud. Just hop over to Restream Studio by pressing the camera icon at the top left corner or using the direct link: Allow Restream Studio to use your webcam and microphone. Now you can press the Go Live button, and your stream will be instantly broadcasted on Mixcloud.

By the way, Restream Studio allows you to stream your content on multiple platforms at the same time. For example, you can add YouTube Live, Twitch, and your personal Facebook profile in addition to Mixcloud, and your live stream will be seen in four places simultaneously! Imagine how many more people could watch your stream. Also, you can invite guests to your stream and jam together!

Tips to make a good live stream on Mixcloud

Although we do believe you are an incredibly talented musician or live streamer in general, some useful tips on how to live stream your art won’t do any harm. The following recommendations will help you improve your stream quality and ensure everything is top-notch.

  1. Make sure people know about your live stream. Create an engaging banner and post it on every social media known to humanity. This is better done beforehand so your viewers can plan their time.
  2. Interact with your audience. Live streaming has become so popular mainly due to the possibility of direct communication with the viewers. Introduce yourself, talk to your audience, answer questions in your chat, etc. In other words, keep the conversation going when it is possible (between the tracks, for example).
  3. Plan your stream. Before even logging into your Mixcloud account, think over your program. For example, if you are playing your music, you should know both the number and order of your tracks. If it is a podcast, consider making a list of topics you want to talk about. Improvisation can make your live stream fresh and vivid, but it also can lead to anxiety and mistakes. Keep a good balance of planning and improvisation.
  4. Double-check your live stream. When you are all set and ready to live stream, make sure everything is set up properly. With the Mixcloud Preview screen, you can check your stream. Keep in mind, Mixcloud doesn’t recommend changing video or audio settings in your streaming software to prevent any technical issues.

Wrapping up

Mixcloud is a new streaming platform designed for audio creators. It provides new possibilities thanks to the solid licensing system and allows streamers to earn money directly from their viewers. You can live stream your DJ sets, podcasts, or radio shows via OBS Studio or Restream Studio. The latter allows you to live stream your content on many top platforms simultaneously. This means you could be streaming to Mixcloud, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch at the same time.

All you need to live stream to Mixcloud is a subscription to Mixcloud, an average computer, a stable internet connection, streaming software (e.g., OBS Studio or Restream Studio), a decent microphone, and a webcam. It’s that simple! Live streaming is a wonderful way of earning money for passionate creators like you. It’s both easy and rewarding. Check out our other blog articles and become a streaming guru!

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