52 reasons to start making live videos

Curious about live streaming but not sure where to start? Find motivation for individuals or businesses with our inspiring list of reasons to get started.
Benefits of live streaming

Live streaming is one of the most popular forms of content today as more and more people tune into live videos around the world. But have you ever stopped to think: What is the purpose of live streaming? Why do so many people do it? If the only reason people stream is popularity, that would make it no more than a passing trend. And if you look at the expected market growth for live streaming in the next few years — $184.3 billion by 2027 — then you know it’s not just a trend.

There are countless other benefits of live streaming that motivate people to do it every day. They might go live for personal or business reasons, to try and turn a profit or just have fun. If you’re looking for reasons why people live stream, we’ve got 52 for you. That’s one new reason to motivate you to live stream every week for a whole year!

Personal motivations to live stream

It’s true that live streaming can make you a better person. Whether you’re trying to learn something new, share your knowledge with others, or overcome your fear of public speaking, you can find plenty of personal reasons to hit that “go live” button.

Why start live streaming?

1. It's fun and easy to do!

2. It improves your communication and public speaking skills.

3. You build confidence.

4. It unleashes your creativity.

5. It introduces you to like-minded people from all over the world.

6. You learn more about interesting topics when preparing for a live stream.

7. You share your art, knowledge, or insights with the world directly from your home.

8. It allows for socialization during a pandemic.

9. Live streaming helps you build your personal brand.

10. You can make a living with streaming.

11. You can be independent and live a digital nomad lifestyle.

12. It lets you turn your hobby into a business.

13. You learn how to use a webcam.

14. You learn how to set up a home live streaming studio.

15. Live streaming makes you a pro when it comes to video lighting.

16. You can make connections with other live streamers and do collaborations.

17. It teaches you how to set and achieve your goals.

18. You can brighten someone’s day with your live content.

19. You can raise money for charity.

20. You can do fun challenges in front of a live audience.

21. Live streaming relieves boredom.

22. You can turn your daily life into a viral video.

23. It lets you share an uninterrupted feed of something interesting.

24. It teaches you how to prepare a run of show for a live event.

25. You learn all about what makes good audio quality for videos.

26. You can create your own live TV show.

27. It lets you play games with people from all corners of the globe.

Live streaming benefits for business

Live streaming isn’t just valuable for personal development; it benefits businesses too. It’s become an integral part of the marketing strategy for many brands, and for good reason.

Why live stream as a business?

28. It’s cost-effective.

29. It helps you establish your business brand.

30. You don’t need a lot of gear to start live streaming.

31. You can promote your products or services in real time.

32. It helps you engage and get to know your customers or target audience.

33. You can cultivate trust in your brand.

34. Live streaming can help you grow your business.

35. It helps your business be more transparent.

36. It gives your business a human side.

37. You can generate more leads with live streaming.

38. You can interact directly with your target audience to better understand their needs.

39. It lets you grow a community around your brand.

40. You can repurpose live videos for other types of content.

41. The live streaming industry keeps growing; it leaped by 21% in 2021.

42. Consumers are less interested in watching TV and more interested in live online video.

43. People would rather watch a live video from your brand than read a blog post.

44. You can interview interesting people in your industry on your live show.

45. You can stand out in social media feeds with live video.

46. You take your target customers behind the scenes of your business.

47. It lets you share your conference, award show, fundraiser, or other event with international audiences.

48. You can sell your products in real time with live shopping.

49. Live streaming content can help you reach your marketing goals.

50. Live video improves your engagement on social media.

51. It lets you host a virtual event entirely online.

52. You can stream with other brands to help both of you grow your audiences.

Let’s wrap up

As you can see, there are more than enough reasons to try live streaming if you haven’t already. If you’re doing it for yourself or your business, going live has many advantages. When you do start streaming, Restream’s intuitive and accessible streaming solutions make it easy, plus you can go live on multiple channels at once. Today is the day to start live streaming, so what are you waiting for?

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