YouTube is a huge platform with 2.6 billion users worldwide, so it’s a good place to find an audience for your live streams. You can expand your reach even further if you multistream to other platforms, though.

Go live on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitch and multiple other live streaming platforms simultaneously with Restream. You don’t need any extra software or equipment to multistream — just a Restream account.

First, read our detailed guide on how to connect Restream to your YouTube channel.

Then, add your other preferred live streaming channels to your Restream account. Read our guides on how to add:

After you add your preferred channels, you can set up your stream and go live! You can use Restream’s browser-based live streaming software, Restream Studio, or you can connect Restream to an encoding software like OBS Studio. As soon as you hit that Go Live button, you’ll be broadcasting live on all of your selected platforms.